Simple and extremely easy to use. Designed with an intuitive interface, it gives a new experience in control iTunes music player.


Cockatoo window  

iTunes is the default music player for Mac, and a lot of people prefer it for just this purpose.

Cockatoo will take the hassle out of managing your music collection. The application has a modern and user-friendly interface, low system requirements, and is very easy on your Mac’s battery.

The key feature of Cockatoo is its ‘modesty’. The application appears on your screen only when you need it – all you have to do is just move your cursor to the left or right edge of the desktop. It does not matter how many virtual desktops you have because you can reach Cockatoo with one simple movement on any of them.

Cockatoo is a beautiful, lightning and fast iTunes controller. Cockatoo quietly waits for you behind the left or right border of the screen, without occupying extra-space. You need to move only a mouse to edge and all your music before you.



Preferences window



  • It is always on top of other windows and allows for one-click control over iTunes.
  • iTunes automatically opens when you run Cockatoo.
  • Displays information on the song you are currently listening to.
  • Navigate through your library and control volume.
  • Next / previous song.
  • Select a playlist or song.
  • Browse your media library.
  • Choose Cockatoo’s home (on the left or right edge of the desktop).
  • Interface updates when wallpaper changes.
  • Search the Library.
  • Three desktop themes + a level of desktop content capture.
  • The ability to assign hotkeys for basic functions.
  • Change song ratings.
  • The ability to change a song’s Favorite status.
  • German, Russian and Ukraine localization added.


download on the mas

A couple of screenshots:

scr-5 scr-2 scr-1