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ff on mbpEvery day, from time to time, according to your the style and peculiarities of your work, there are a lot of files to be placed in folders, and some to be deleted. Manual sorting is a boring and tiresome work that requires perseverance and consumes a significant amount of time.



File2Folder gives you the opportunity to sort hundreds, or even thousands of files with a single click! Now you can shift, copy, or delete files according to your preferences!

The created rules remain and next time when you want to put your Mac in order, all you will have to do is just press a single button! It is not necessary to shift, copy, or delete every single file manually.

Imagine another interesting situation: you are working on project, and at the end of the workday you want to save its copy to an external drive.There is no need to open additional Finder windows, do not drag, copy and paste anything. Just create a rule!For instance, you often work with photos and want to share them with other users of your Mac from time to time. Usually, you need to find the all users directory, choose the right user and specify the desired destination folder in his directory (if you have permission to write to this folder of course ). But thanks to File2Folder, you just need to create a rule and then share your great photos with a single click!

You can imagine your own scenarios for File2Folder. You can use it every day, or periodically, but File2Folder definitely will save you time and force.

You can also create rules for semi-automatic sorting. This mode in File2Folder allows you to apply one and the same sorting rule to different folders.


  • Shifting files by the extension (file type);
  • Copying files by the extension (file type);
  • download on the mas
    Deleting files by the extension (file type);
  • Shifting files by the name or part of the name;
  • Copying files by the name or part of the name;
  • Deleting files by the name or part of the name;
  • Timer – allow to perform sorting in fully automatic mode;

Screenshots (click to zoom):

ff scr 1

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