Looking to the future. Cockatoo.

What do you think about «Cockatoo»?

We are sure that you are satisfied and use it every day. Music plays a major role in our life and beyond all doubt with the help of “Cockatoo” you will listen to your favorite tracks not only during working-time but at the time you surf the Net.


  • cockatoo v1.1 previewAlways visible on top of other windows, allowing you to control iTunes with a single mouse-click.
  • Automatic start iTunes when you start Cockatoo.
  • Display information about the currently playing track.
  • Navigating the track and volume control.
  • Next / previous track .
  • Select the playlist or track.
  • Choose the location Cockatoo (right or left) .
  • Updated interface when changing desktop wallpaper.

and, in compliance with your wishes, in the following version we are going to add:

  • Ability of change of width of the main window;
  • Ability of change of a font size;
  • Ability of hiding the cover of the track;
  • Ability to rate the track;
  • Some user interface improvements;

Moreover we plan to add buttons of inclusion of the “hashing” and “repetitions” mode, but it depends on the Apple(c), because infusion the “sandbox” mode imposes very many restrictions.

We are glad to hear your responses in comments, don’t hesitate!

The best gratitude is your appreciation in Mac App Store.

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